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Why to remove the impacted 3rd molars early

The trouble that impacted 3rd molars create are well preventable with the timely removal of them. however, early removal in teen ages are highly recommended for several reasons. first is the ease of healing a short time as opposed to adults. second, the flexibility of the both mandibular and maxillary bones allows for easier and less traumatic surgical removal since the bone is resilient and rather less dense and brittle. third, the forgiving nature of youth physiology allows for almost no neurological injuries and if there is any in all likelihood they recover to full function as opposed to adults where the nerve recovery statistics are less likely compared to teenagers.

Fourth, dry socket or osteitis are far less common than adults. Also, the risk of anesthesia complication is almost virtually none existence since there are no adult cardiovascular or other ailments associated with healthy teenagers.

Thus it seems prudent to examine the adolescents 3rd molars and recommend early removal to avoid all the unwanted potential complications associated with the procedure later in life as an adult.

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